Awards & Honors
2004 Lester Horton Dance Awards Recipient for Loretta Livingston's "Leaving (Evidence)"
Outstanding Company Performance; Outstanding Choreography, Long Form;
Outstanding Female Performance (Loretta); Outstanding Music (Robin Cox)
2003 U.S. State Department Choreography Initiative, Istanbul, Turkey
2003 Artist Award, CDEA California Dance Educators Association
2002 California DanceMaker Grant
2002 City of Los Angeles "C.O.L.A." Individual Artist Fellowship
2003 Lester Horton Dance Awards Nominations: For Outstanding Performance and
Outstanding Music for Dance (Robin Cox), in the 2002 premiere of Move/Let Us Listen
2002 Lester Horton Dance Awards Nominations: For Outstanding Choreography,
Company Performance and Music (Robin Cox)
2002 / 2003 C.O.L.A (City of Los Angeles) Individual Artist Fellowship for Loretta Livingston
2002 NCCI (National College Choreography Initiative ) a special initiative funded by the National Endowment for the Arts and Dance USA, chose Loretta's project- "The Persistence of Heart (in the red, red earth)"-with UCO Director of Dance Jamie Jacobson and the University of Central Oklahoma's Dance Department, to receive this grant award and represent the state of Oklahoma.

2001 "Dances for White Rooms"-- A special "live composition" performance event directed by Loretta Livingston and presented at the Luckman Art Gallery as part of their Intimate Encounters series, was nominated for Lester Horton Awards in the areas of:

Outstanding Choreography-Loretta Livingston
Outstanding Company Performance-Loretta Livingston & Dancers
Outstanding Music-Robin Cox, composer


2000 Loretta Livingston was selected as the first artist to be commissioned by the Orange County Performing Arts Center, presenting her "Two Thousand Steps"
(performed by Loretta Livingston & Dancers) in Segerstrom Hall, May 12, 2000.

(see "Evening Length Works" in the Choreography Archive)

1998 Best Feet Forward
“¡Sí, Se Puede! /Yes, You Can!”, a collaboration between Loretta Livingston and Gema Sandoval, artistic director of Danza Floricanto/USA, chosen as one of the year’s ten best dance events by dance writer Sasha Anawalt.
1997 Distinguished California Artist (from Dance Kaleidoscope, Los Angeles) to Loretta Livingston

1996 Lester Horton Dance Awards
“Tales From the Plate, Moving North”, an evening-length work inspired by life in the city of the angels---Los Angeles, with stage décor by visual artist Frank Romero.

Outstanding Visual Design---Stephen Bennett, for lighting design
Outstanding Music---Murielle Hamilton, original score and recording

Nominations in six areas of production: choreography, company performance, individual performance (company dancer David Plettner), stage décor (painter and Chicano artist Frank Romero), lighting (Stephen Bennett) and music (Murielle Hamilton).


1995 Professional Artist Award, California Alliance for the Arts To Loretta Livingston, for contribution to arts education

1994 Lester Horton Dance Award Tenth Anniversary Concert, a retrospective of Livingston’s first decade of choreography, with a new duet for Livingston and company member Madeline Soglin, with poetry by Pablo Neruda.

Outstanding Company Performance---Loretta Livingston & Dancers

1994 Distinguished Artist Award (Club 100, Los Angeles Music Center)

Loretta Livingston, Dance
Other awardees: Gordon Davidson-Theater; Frederica Von Stade-Opera;
James Earl Jones-Film, Television, Stage; Diane Ladd-Film, Television, Stage.

1993 Lester Horton Dance Award “The Grandma Moses Project”, an evening-length work based on the folk paintings of American folk artist Anna Mary Robertson Moses (“Grandma Moses”), with original music by Murielle Hamilton.

Outstanding Company Performance---Loretta Livingston & Dancers

1992 Lester Horton Dance Awards
“Don’t Fall, Pomegranate”
, a solo based on the journals from Hiroshima, Japan.

Outstanding Individual Performance---Loretta Livingston

“A History of Restlessness”, an evening-length work inspired by landscapes, geology and plate tectonics in the West, with original music by Jeff Rona.
Outstanding Choreography---Loretta Livingston

1991 Lester Horton Dance Awards “A Window in the Passage”, an evening-length work with original music by Jeff Rona.

Outstanding Choreography---Loretta Livingston
Outstanding Visual Design---Doc Ballard, lighting; Martha Ferrara, costumes
Outstanding Company Performance--Loretta Livingston & Dancers

1990 Dewar’s Young Artist Recognition Award   ---Loretta Livingston