Summer 2008

June 20 & 21, 2008: Loretta Livingston & Dancers will premiere a 2008 dance/theater
work for the [ALOUD] at Central Library performance series at the downtown Los Angeles
Central Library, in the Mark Taper Auditorium, on Saturday, June 21 at 3 PM, and Sunday,
June 22 at 3 PM.

Guests In My House choreography by Loretta Livingston, features female company
members Alyson Jones Cartagena and Heather Gillette, with guest artist Amy Sennett Starner,
and international guest performers Tammy L. Wong from Singapore and Moonea Choi from Seoul,
South Korea, and guest choreographer Dr. Sam-Jin Kim from Seoul, South Korea, a distinguished
Professor of Choreography in the Dance School of the Korea National University of Arts. An extended
auxiliary cast of eleven dancers completes the large and international cast.

Inspired by women writers from a variety of cultures, this new work includes text culled from the
writings, with Louise Steinman, a published author with a dance background, serving as dramaturge/collaborator.
The sound score employs recorded text, live text and vocal work by the performers, ambient sound from
hand held scenic pieces, and live accompaniment by percussion artist Erick Leckrone.

The Library will handle all ticket reservations online. Visit www.lapl.org, click on Events & Exhibits, then
click on ALOUD. If you do not see the event listed, click on Calendar. Then click on Reservations.
When the Library is ready to fill the event, the information will appear.

photo by Loretta Livingston

Moonea Choi, guest artist

Tammy L. Wong
guest artist

photo by Loretta Livingston

Come celebrate our opening and meet our international guests!


March 17-20, 2008
: Loretta served as an adjudicator for the American College
Dance Festival Northwest Region, hosted by the University of Utah.

March 24-April 4, 2008:The School of Dance at LASALLE College of the Arts in
Singapore, directed and headed by choreographer Tammy L. Wong,invited
Loretta to return as a guest artist. She taught classes and created a new work
for the LASALLE dancers.

May: Loretta will complete her two-year training with the Integrated Movement Studies
program, towards becoming certified in the Laban/Bartenieff materials and earning the
title "CLMA"-Certified Laban Movement Analyst.



  • Dancer Heather Gillette had a baby boy-Evan Gillette!
  • Rachel Lopez earned her MFA in Dance from UCI!
  • Dancer Alyson Jones Cartagena got hired as the Director of the Dance
    Program at Rio Hondo College!
  • Dancer Damon Rago got tenure at Loyola Marymount University!
  • Artistic Director Loretta Livingston completed her first year of the
    Laban/Bartenieff certification program!



MAY 28-JUNE 2, 2007

Loretta was in residence at the Korean National University of Arts in Seoul, Korea, creating a
segment of new work on 6 dancers in the Choreography Department of the KNUA Dance School,
and working with Professor Dr. Sam-Jin Kim, noted Korean dancer and choreographer. Korean
choreographer Moonea Choi served as translator and assistant for the residency


APRIL 24-30, 2007

photo by Loretta Livingston

photo by Serhat Koç

photo by Loretta Livingston

Accompanied by choreographer/video camera/editor Carrie Smazcny and assisted by Turkish
dancer and media artist Onur Topal Sumer, Loretta was an invited guest artist at the Dance
Camera Istanbul Festival in Istanbul, Turkey. Loretta and Carrie gave workhops and seminars
for dance and camera and captured video footage of Turkish contemporary dancers.

MARCH 19-30, 2007

photos by Loretta Livingston

Invited by Director of Dance Tammy L. Wong, Loretta was a guest artist in residence in the
Dance Program at LASALLE-SIA College of Arts in Singapore. She coached a resetting for
LASALLE dancers of her 2004 work "Four Legs in the Morning, Two at Noon, Three at Night"
inspired by the Oedipus story.

FEBRUARY 21-24, 2007

Loretta served as an adjudicator for the American College Dance Festival, South Central Region,
hosted by the Department of Ballet and Modern Dance at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth,

WINTER 2007/FALL 2006

Loretta created three new dance works for academic dance programs:

photo by Jonathan Smith-"Listening for Aunt Jewel"

"Listening for Aunt Jewell"-University of Central Oklahoma, March 2007;
"Persuasion, Not Covered"-University of California, Irvine, February 2007;

"Pilgrim, Take a Rest Here"-Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, December 2006


Loretta Livingston & Dancers' June 2006 premiere of "Blooming, Re-Joyce-ing" on
the [ALOUD] at Central Library performance series, downtown Los Angeles, was included
in the Los Angeles Times Dance Critic Lewis Segal's year end wrap up as on of the
10 best performances in Los Angeles during 2006.

photos by Loretta Livingston "Blooming, Re-Joyce-ing"